Digital Preservation: Tools and Strategies

AIA and SCS Joint Annual Meeting

SESSION 2K: Workshop

January 5, 2018

Digital Preservation: Tools and Strategies for Preserving Archaeological Data for Future Generations

Issues of sustainable digital preservation need to be more uniformly addressed within the archaeological community. Enthusiasm for integrating new digital recording methods into archaeological practice is high, but this rarely includes concrete plans for to how to manage and store these files over the long-term. As cultural heritage and academic institutions begin to develop or update their digital preservation best practices, how can we contribute to the conversation? This workshop will address combatting issues implementing digital preservation at an institutional level, as well as digital preservation issues that arise with digitized and born-digital archaeological objects, records, and data, regardless of the size or length of the project. Participants will have the opportunity to break out into small groups to workshop solutions they are experiencing in preserving their research. Demonstrations of some digital preservation and version control tools will be given. Participants should bring laptops.



Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Introduction to Digital Preservation What is digital preservation and why should I care?
00:05 2. Cultivating a Culture of Digital Preservation Inside Academic Libraries and Out What can I bring back to my institution?
00:10 3. We have it, now what do we DO with it? A multiplicity of institutional, open source, and third-party platforms for data preservation at the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis How do long-running projects deal with analog and born digital content?
Can we depend on institutional and third-party repositories?
Do we pass the bus test/are our workflows codified?
00:15 4. Publishing Data for Quality and Impact How are data archiving and data publishing appropriate in different circumstances?
How does Open Context publish data?
How does data publishing differ from conventional publishing?
00:20 5. Insert Title for Eric Poehler's Presentation Here Insert question in these quotes
Insert question in these quotes
Insert question in these quotes
00:25 6. Insert Title for Luke Hollis' Presentation Here Insert question in these quotes
Insert question in these quotes
Insert question in these quotes
00:30 7. Future of Archaeological Research Data Management and Digital Preservation Is there a need for formal data management workshops or tutorials geared towards archaeological research?
What needs do exist?
Where do we go from here?
00:45 8. Resources What resources are available to me as a researcher?
How would I do __?
Where do I start?
02:00 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.